Backcountry First Aid Kits & Equipment

The lightweight backcountry personal first aid and survival kit is highly personal. The best kits are constantly being revised and improved. The attached document may give you some ideas or at least a place to start for putting together your own lightweight backcountry personal first aid and survival kit. 2015 Backcountry First Aid & Survival Kit

First Aid and Survival Equipment and Supplies

We practice what we preach – this means we use the gear we recommend. We are not a major retailer of first aid and survival equipment – we just want to get good gear into the hands of people who need it. The attached 2014 Caribou Adventures Price List and Order Form represents items we carry and which have passed the real life application test. If you are attending one of our courses, please hold off on buying a bunch of gear just for the class. Get the education first, put your hands on some of this gear, then you will be better prepared to make good choices. Caribou Adventures Gear Order Form 2015a