Wilderness Medicine

At Caribou Adventures we practice and teach Wilderness Medicine: basic medical care provided for persons who are sick or injured in the backcountry. Wilderness Medicine goes beyond First Aid with an emphasis on thorough patient assessment, sound judgment and decision making, and interventions based on good science and best practices as described by the Wilderness Medical Society and taught every day around the world by the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS. The best wilderness care providers are creative and draw on life experience and formal training to improvise what they need, using resources they have. Wilderness Medicine care providers, not only care for injury and illnesses, but the entire range of human needs in the backcountry including: coping with darkness, wind, rain, snow, temperature extremes, and providing for the basic needs of food, shelter, water and elimination. Explore the drop-down topics and attached documents to learn more about what the Caribou Adventure instruction team provides to wilderness and outdoor schools, programs, conferences, youth groups, outdoor clubs, families and individuals.