Custom Casket Construction

Hand Made Caskets

We will build a custom, wooden casket for you, your loved one, or pet. We specialize in simple, sturdy, clean, economical designs. We can customize the design, the materials, the trim, the finish, the stain, the interior (color, fabric, design, etc). The caskets take about 3 to 4 days to complete so it’s best to pre-order (we will safely store it).

The price for an adult sized casket is $900.00. Depending on the size, materials, trim and the interior, prices will go up from there. Caskets for smaller pets, infants and small children, will cost less. Perhaps less than you may think. If you just need a nice looking box that is not fancy, we can do that fast and for not much expense.

The main emphasis is placed on family involvement in construction of the casket. We want the family there, if they choose To be sanding, staining, and helping build their loved one’s casket. We have found this activity to be bonding and therapeutic for the grieving loved ones. It’s ok if you just want to pick out the colors, we will do the rest. We will deliver the casket for $50.00 (local funeral homes – let’s discuss it for out of town deliveries) or the family can pick up the finished casket here at Caribou Adventures.